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Andy Cohen’s RHoA Househusband Crush

Do you think you can figure out which of the Southern men Andy has his eye on? There’sPeter Thomas,Todd Tucker,Apollo Nida, andGregg Leakesto choose from. So, who does Andy have the hots for?

As it turns out,Phaedra Parkshas a lot more to worry about than justKenya Moorebecause Andy is all about her hubby!

This is a little surprising considering Apollo recently beat up Kenya’s gusband, Brandon Deshazer, during a Season 6 episode of the show. We didn’t think Andy would be into the violent t Burberry Bags 2014 ypes, but maybe he has a thing for bad boys. After all, Apolloisan Burberry Bags 2014 ex con. And, let’s face it, he’s definitely a pretty good looking guy.

Now, ifKim Zolciakwere still on the show, we wonder if Andy would opt for football player Kroy Biermann instead of Apoll Burberry Bags 2014 o. W Burberry Bags 2014 e’re not ashamed to say that he’s definitelyourReal Househusband crush!

Are you surprised that Andy has a thing for Apollo? Share your thoughts on his pick in the comments section below!.

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